Sometimes, it’s like a big challenge coming to choose your clothes every morning. Many people have ended up with a casual style and rather blending with the majority of looking-alike people than standing out with a personality.

Most of the time we are indeed afraid of negative attention or judgements from close people. So you say “I prefer more comfortable clothes!”… I don’t believe ya! There are lots of “comfortable clothes” that are better than a hoodie.

Another misbelieve is that to be well-dress, you have to put a lot of effort. Ah well, I believe that you do need to put more effort into some special occasions. However, effortless and efficiency are what we need daily!

The benefits of well-dress?

I give you a small task: Be well-dress for a day – any style, wander to a nice coffee where no one knows who you are and see how people interact. Then tell me (to my contact), how does it feel? And what are the differences between them and the people you know for decades?

Second task: Repeat that for a week, then ask random people you met within that week about their perception of you.

You’ll get a big surprise. And from now on, I’ll show you how to be the version that you ever dream of. Yes! The YOU that you always want to be!

To be frank, the clothes are just a contribution to your total YOU. A YOU should be a unit combination of not only fashion but also suitable etiquette, knowledge and “confident and trust”.

In the next series, I will write about “3 TOP SIMPLE SECRETS TO BE MORE WELL-DRESS” which could apply to any style – Game on!