• Tina Nguyen

My WHY no.3: Friendships

My life is defined by many goals. In every part of my life, there are goals to achieve. There are a lot of challenges, a lot of tears and sometimes, there were moments that I doubt myself.

To maintain an optimistic perspective is not an easy task in my life, especially when I have grown up among toxic people. The ever best gift that the universe has given to me is that I always have good friends available in my dark moments to listen, to share and to help.

I am very happy to surround myself with not too many friends but a few very good ones. We are goal-oriented, go-getter people who non-stop pursuing a better life and better values. Our conversations are the best things that I can ever love. There are stories about journeys to our passion. We are from very different backgrounds, fashion, business, arts but we all have the same road to Rome by making our lives better by bringing impact and grow other people. There are stories about challenges, we learn and grow from challenge with the positive vision and do not afraid to fall then stand up stronger and more powerful. And there are conversations which are our reflections from ourselves to each other life honestly and sincerely.

We love our stories so much that time could stand still and we felt inside those moments of each other life. Our conversations help us capture the big pictures in every situation and maintain a more open and liberal mindset. Those stories are the source of my energy to conquer my every hardest road to my dream.

For now, a lifelong learner is a word that I use to describe myself, and I believe that a meaningful life is the living moment of learning and nurturing yourself. I surround me with share values relationships. There is a quote: “If you want to know someone, just look at whom they choose to spend their time with.”. It is true! My friends are people who are very thoughtful and intellectual that I always have to try my best to catch up with by keep learning more and more. Right now, I am pushing myself to achieve a good MBA in the future.

Overall, we are all dreamer who lives this life once and all want to add values into our adventures heading to a brighter future. I believe that if there is a list of the best the mentors in my life, “Friends” will be the one major factors which are standing beautifully on the top.

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