• Tina Nguyen

My WHY no.2: My mom

I have a very complicated family and the lack of caring and protection from parents is the main root for all my stories start.

My mom is a type of women that I did not want to become: she is so traditional who spends a half of every day cooking for her family, she never took a chance for a better promotion in her entire 30 years working for a huge import and export company, she is so disciplined and can easily get mad if her daughters keep their room being messy, she uses her clothes for years and years and calculates every single Vietnam dong (Vietnam currency) when she buys groceries, she did not allow me to say that I loved her and forced me to prove by actions with all the traditional standards that I hated.

Above all, I love her with all my heart.

She is the strongest woman that I have known on earth, she has raised her three daughters successfully with education on her own without any help.

The more I grow up, the more I realize how much I am like her: I am the one who can do anything for people that I love; I can manage finance so well so I was about to be promoted to be assistant for CFO in my company, and yes, I denied because I did not like him and his values after a coffee talk; I am a minimalism and most of my clothes are 5-10 years old; I do not like others mess up my plan or my room; there is a fact that I am very stubborn and I have achieved every milestones day by day in my way even I made her cry so many times but not many people know that one of my goals is always and will forever be to make her proud.

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