• Tina Nguyen

My WHY no.4: Just Art Exhibition

That was a story of my success which brought me to my second life.

The Master of Ceremony and Fashion club is a hobby club at my University. My club has 2 members who have become Miss Vietnam, many become the national MC or famous model. Sounds so proud! But I am a member of the creative department, the cradle of creative directors, designers or photographers. None of us has been successful or famous. Our daily mission is to do what others do not want to do. For example, decorate parties, clean up events and help models be beautiful anytime, anywhere.

As usual, I have an idea that usually 50% of people didn't care, 10% who were shining and having free staffs rejected, 5% supporters who were from my team, belief in me and 35% wanted to watch a drama.

My idea was that I wanted to make a small, organized public show where my team members could express their strengths and creativity. I brought that idea to the leaders, the first thing they told me was my idea was expensive and not worth it. After so many days of talking, fighting, arguing, they finally agreed to let me do it because they knew I won't shut up if I don’t reach the goal. The deal was that I can do the exhibition but only for 1 million Vietnam dong - about $ 55.


So we started planning Just art exhibition with as much recycling as possible. We set up very professional unrealistic plans and achieved them step by step. And finally, with $ 55 we completed the project, had a sponsored place, run the event on social networks - which was extremely lucky when we attracted the nation's TV channel. The exhibition was an incredible success, although it was not as fancy as I expected.

But, the ever first time in my life, I feel fulfillment. It was completely not because we made a successful cheap exhibition. It was how that 5% of the club members holding hands, believe and be motivated by my crazy, unrealistic idea. Somehow, what we did set fire to our hearts and set hope for their dreams.

Currently, the members of my department just start having the first few successful steps. Each person is in a place, but where they belong, the place of inspiration and art. I have a junior who quit her banking career, travelled around the country looking for good teachers to learn to become photographers, now she is the most unique style photographer in Hanoi city, specializing set up and take photoshoots new fashion brands. I have 2 other juniors who both gain 70% scholarships of London International Fashion School, 1 of them will follow me to come to Toronto to study fashion design masters at Ryerson in the next 1 or 2 years, another became 1st runner up of Asia New Gen Fashion Award 2019 by Harper's Bazaar.

And for me, still maintaining my path, I'm happy, I know who I want to be, what I want to do in the future. The key is, creativity, determination, a little bit stubborn can turn every dream come true. All you need is “be brave to take action”.

Grow yourself by growing others! Give fire to get fire!

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