• Tina Nguyen

My WHY no.5: Gender equality point of view

First of all, this is the story from my experience with the major part of Vietnam society.

When I was a kid, I was always taught that gay was sick and women must always stand behind the men no matter if he is weaker in mentality, physicality, finance or even less educated, less smart. My generation was taught to “pretend” to be less than a man.

Grow up, I started dating. Most of my Vietnamese boyfriends were the only son in their family which is like a gem in Asian culture and normally, they never have to do a single thing in their house. As their official girlfriend, I was put on the scale of their family of standards such as how much fabric my clothes had, how fast I am to get along with their family members and especially cooking skills. Must be honest that I was never a good daughter-in-law material because firstly, I do not like cooking, I love fashion and I need time and trust to develop any relationship to allow people to get into my inner circle.

Well, no one care by the way.

I went to work. We had daily meals when together and at the end, women washed dishes. In women’s day, men gave money for women to buy flowers, cake, fruits so everyone could celebrate, eat and have a nice time then, in the end, women cleaned the party themselves.

The other fact that changed my whole perspective as well is that. LGBT are those people who mostly have hearts of passion fire, the great partners to work with and not sick at all. They have their own life, same emotional, same way to love. I have 2 juniors who are gay, they work day and night to achieve their dream of becoming successful fashion designers. I am so proud that one of them who even achieved the ticket to Singapore for Harper Bazar’s fashion design competition and his new collection shined bright with Swarovski sponsor.

I believe in Karma.

Naturally, men are the strongest, they hunt, they fight, protect others. But right in this peaceful era, no hunt, no fight, every gender has to work, but men still have the right not doing anything for their family. Men are weaker, do not know how to protect anyone but demand more, they become takers who had lots of love so do not know how to love, to treasure what they have. They tell women are demanding their love while they demand women in daily tasks. Until women stop loving then they stop giving, cooking and caring. Men were caught by surprise and ask WHY?

I am chasing my dream by my ability, and yes, I will love again one day, he might come from any religion, any country BUT that will be someone who definitely can take care of himself, who is strong and smart enough to overcome any tough life challenges and above all, who has a heart of fire.

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