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Dating vs Personal Branding Part 2 - "Personal Branding strategy in Dating"

This strategy would be TCEO: Think (T) - Create (C) - Engage (E) - Optimize (O) and never stop

Tactic no 1 (The base): Love yourself

Self-discover, appreciate what you have, improve whatever you couldn’t like about yourself until you fall in LOVE with it. If you don’t even love yourself, no one can. If anyone does, don’t believe him/her. That’s a liar because you don’t deserve LOVE, even you subconsciously think so.

So, if you don’t like your hair? Invest in it! Don’t like your face? Fix it! Don’t like your body? Work on it!… Need money for all of those? Work!

No matter what, love yourself and invest in yourself first.

Tactic no 2 (T): Have a picture of your perfect single life/ Grow independent habits

Habit is an important factor that forms a relationship. Sometimes, it’s hard for some people to step out of a long-term relationship even when there’s no longer love. We could blame it on the habits. However, life goes on and people will change anyway. Having your independent habit even when you are in a relationship has a positive impact on the relationship as many professional pieces of research.

Maintaining your life control (no matter what role you choose in your relationship) keeps your mind-independent, more rational and happier.

Tactic no 3 (C): Build your Social Image

Build your social media based on the image that you want people to know about you, who you are and want to be. Because it’s a “social” image, don’t post things that you don’t want too many people to see. And your images should be unified under every type of platform.

If something is private, keep it in the dark. Don’t jump like you’re on the trampoline when people find out any information that you posted on “social” media. That’s the most stupid behaviour ever!

Tactic no 4 (C): Keep growing your inner world to be better and better day by day

An inner world should balance with your outer world. Sometimes, the outer world is affected by our inner world so once the gap is too large, you will not be comfortable with yourself. The result would make you become a clone of someone else but not you.

My advice: read more related books, take courses, meditation, have a therapist if need.

Tactic no 5 (E): Practice society interaction and grow your network and learn how to be an Individual - “How to be single!”

Happy Halloween!

Tactic no 6 (O): Optimize your self-growth

After those five steps, I want you to sit down, think about what makes you happy, what type of people you want to be with and find out why.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that "Love has no reason"!

Is that the way they talk, the behaviours?… all the patterns you like, try to remember all of them through senses and memories. Notice if you are their favourite target as well if they consider you as someone special or have the right vibe to spend the time with. Then get back to all the steps until you feel LOVE you more.

Tactic no 7 (T): Develop a clearer visual and sensual your ideal partner - "Law of attraction!"

Redo step 2 but add one more person. How you would maintain a comfortable and happy life when there is another attachment in your life.

Remember, this is still YOUR life, not THEIR life. You can SHARE but you can’t LOSE any life pattern that makes you happy unless there is something that could make you more fulfilled.

On the opposite, don’t expect anyone to change. Especially, if your demands are too much outside of their comfort zone. This situation could make a good “hopeless romance” if both have a strong attraction. Well, however, something hopeless will never last but just mess up your brain with crazy and unrealistic thoughts.

That is the point why we have going through all the brain working to understand ourselves and others so we could have the right strategy on how to find sb who is the most compatible. Once you get it, you will have the key to a happily ever after unless your happy have a different meaning than meaningful and peaceful.

Tactic no 8 (E): Take the lessons and keep doing networking

Put all into practice! Now you learn how to play a life Violin. Put it all into an extraordinary play!

Once you feel complete, love will be closer than when you don’t. At least even if you’re single, you would love yourself enough to not desperate for love.

Tactic no 9: No tactic and let it be!

So after all, a relationship will not happen when a good person would just come and love all of us out of the blue.

In fairytales or romance movies, the main characters must always have the right and good assets from the beginning.

It’s a quest for you to complete, grow, love yourself day by day and the process will never stop no matter when you already have a beautiful relationship or your heart is broken. Having a life companion is beautiful, but not the whole life purpose. We'd better be happy with ourselves so we can be happy with others.

And everything will not come in a day or two. This has taken me 10 years to learn so I can put things down to words and now still learning. Coming up next - Dating vs Personal Branding Part 3 - "The common flaws"

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