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A little talk No. 2: A-person-who-is-living!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

This is the 5th edited version of this blog after a month with a head full of things! And…. ugh! It’s so hard to put everything in one 1 or 2-minute-reading file! But nevermind!

I remember Michael Ryan, the one who inspired me a lot since my first steps in Toronto. He had a “find your why” journey a bit familiar with my idol mentor Simon Sinek about our life purpose. I came out with my assignment about “A life that worth living”. Inside that assignment, I wrote a lot about my dreams, what would make me feel fulfilled and what I would do to achieve them. All the galaxy sparkle of life that would make me be recognized with the best image ever.

Just like me, everyone is seeking their life purposes, we are longing for a sense that they sometimes don’t even know. Some people want a little bitter taste, others might prefer sweet things.

And believe it or not, everyone is doing so.

How you dress up for a date night; How you behave in front of people; What you show on your social media…

Or let’s talk about money tactics:

The purpose that you invest in your education; Why you use this amount of money on food/ clothes over other things or just going out somewhere…

As long as you’re breathing, everything you do with the purpose to “stay tuned within your society” is Marketing.

A Marketer is the same. May the difference is that we could look beyond the society beats by putting ourselves into different situations, learn it so we could understand your every move from a deeper level of multidimensional perspective to have a strategic solution in a business level.

It’s not hard to find a Marketer who is in an elegant suit/dress can read the Finance data so well in the daytime and turn out into a yoga teacher/ a dancer/ a singer at the night time. In my case… well, a model.

You would also find out that they have many types of friends. Yes, there must be a group or just a person that is their BFF(s). However, the connections are never limited by occupations or society levels. Marketers love the conversations where they could learn about humans, people, religions, arts… not only business data. And they might love the talks so much so they could know multiple languages…

“Marketing” is never just a job, it’s a life. The more you live the better Marketer you could become. We are the balances between the business and life-art.

According to "This is Marketing" by Seth Godin:

"This is marketing

  • Marketing seeks more. More market share, more customers, more work.

  • Marketing is driven by better. Better service, better community, better outcomes.

  • Marketing creates culture. Status, affiliation, and people like us. Most of all, marketing is change.

  • Change the culture, change your world.

  • Marketers make change happen.

  • Each of us is a marketer, and each of us has the ability to make more change than we imagined. Our opportunity and our obligation is to do marketing that we’re proud of."

To have a better look into a specific life experience, in the next talk, I would love to go deeper into a “personal branding” topic based on the art of dating - which seems kinda fun things to look at. I would put into some knowledge I’ve learnt from my mentor Anna Bey - School Of Affluence and of course many lessons from me and my beautiful girls.

Keep up!

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