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A little talk No.1: Back to modelling

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

This is a concept that I really like from the very making stage!
The most surprising thing that creates this series must be the talent of Art Director Tran Hieu. In my entire life, I have never met an artist of the fashion industry who can not only multitask every stage but also complete them so professionally! Hieu did everything from drafting ideas, designing costumes, hair, makeup fitting, setting up the studio, shooting and editing.

Back to the story of a marketer, it must be my destiny for fashion, in another way, my opportunity to meet such talents is still blooming even in Canada, the land on the-other-side-of-the-Earth. Or it might be "the law of attraction” which comes naturally from my love for the wonderful art of fashion.

It was a tough decision to leave Vietnam when I was mature enough and ready for tons of opportunities in the rapidly growing fashion empire. I have prepared for the "start from scratch", a very large “Zero” when deciding to go to Toronto.

Graduated during the Covid pandemic, my door to a secured job in my favourite industry was like catching clouds on the hill. And one nice quarantine day, when I was bored, I saw a model casting call from a Vietnamese magazine based Toronto, just left my age besides, I told myself:

"Why not?"

I remember myself many years ago as a photographic model, a Latin dancer who burned the stage and a fearless leader for many other student projects. Those were so the beautiful emotions that I lost after graduating, rolling with money, differences of social beliefs and generations. I had to learn to live in “the life”, standards, boundaries and sharpen my instincts, my skills. That was not a sacrifice after all.

Art is born from life! And the choice to become a marketer should be a-person-who-is-living! Why is that? I will continue writing in “A little talk No. 2"!

Concept: A Mystery of the Ao Dai

Art Director/ Makeup & Hair/ Photographer/ Editor: Tran Hieu

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