• Tina Nguyen

2021 and my Rome

If something is destined, all you need to do is... breathe.

I always have plans, but I am not stiff. Life goes nowhere without direction. I am just enjoying the ride to my Rome and welcome whatever comes across. Finally, what is meaningful in life is not Rome, but the adventure to Rome.

But it'll be boring without making some plans and learn why some of them don't work.

There will be people that I haven't known yet, waiting for me to make our trips more meaningful by life-changing experiences... and then maybe leave to their Rome. And I am the only one who could recognize those people in my life, so are you.

2020, many people have said: "I know you"; "I read you"... Well, I don't even know all of me after 29 years of learning me hard. I just wanted so much to reply: "Me? I don't care knowing about you. If you know something about me, please tell me, I would love to know just for fun lol; or maybe not if it's no fun."

2020, the Universe brought me a destined connection - the horoscope said so and stressed it by multiple hits. That might be a good time to have fun with the Universe and see how exactly destined people work in real life under those stars in 2021. I will do my best job just breathing, be happy and free, no more trying or running after whatever or whoever. In the end, Mr. Comfort is my trust-worthy tour guide.

Thank you, 2020.

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