My name is Tina Nguyen and I am a professional Marketer and a Lifestyle Blogger. I created this blog in 2020 as my zen place, where I could share my experience within the professional fashion industry as well as my perspective on the modern lifestyle.

I grew up in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. I graduated from Foreign Trade University, where my ambition for fashion and style was born as a member of the MC and Fashion Club (MFC)*. It was a place where I could roll with many different parts like model, stylist, makeup artist and creative director. Being in an environment of both art and business, surrounded by enthusiastic young people, I have a strong motivation to continue my endless passion for the fashion industry.

In 2019, I moved to Toronto, Canada. Learning new things, my dream is becoming an international expert who can contribute a hand to to the development of world fashion! This blog is the recording of my brand new journey. I hope this could inspire you to achieve what you ever dream of.

Everything is possible! However, don’t forget to enjoy your journeys and remember, laughter is the best guide that you would love to have! Feel free to leave a comment and follow me along on social media!

With love,



*MFC is a famous student club which is the cradle of many popular masters of ceremonies, Misses, models and fashion designers in Vietnam.