“What are you going to do to me?”Tessa sobbed.“Whatever the fuck I want”she yelled as she took a long slow drag of her joint.”Bad bitches always get their way.You tried to shade me and now look at you!”Mila was known for being a ruthless bitch.Many didn’t respect her gangster; they believed she fucked her way to the top.She had a smooth cinnamon complexion and dainty features.Her hair was halfway down her back and stayed styled to perfection.If it wasn’t real then she damn sure had everyone fooled.The outfits she wore cost more than a stack not including the diamonds on her ears,neck and wrist.The cherry on top was her round ass and wide hips.She was a brick house and she knew it.Arrogance had corroded her mind and had her thinking that she was untouchable.Mila heels clicked loudly on the concrete of the basement floor as she walked circles around her prey.“I am not one to be played with.”Tessa had known of Mila and had hoped to never meet her.She looked down at her hands bound with duct tape.Her heart was beating fast and she could barely keep her eyes opened.“Please don’t kill me I will never see him again.Dread told me that you two were over! I would never disrespect you”,Tessa groveled and begged Mila to let her go.Little did she know she was dead the moment she was stuffed into the truck of that all black Lincoln.Mila dropped her joint on the ground and stepped on it with her Five-thousand dollar red bottoms.Her heart was so cold she never thought twice about the next words out of her mouth.
#PART2…“Kill that bitch” Mila said calmly as she walked up the steps. She never looked back as her goons lit Tessa’s body full of bullets. As she shut the basement door she reached into her Louie bag for her iPhone. Even that was stylish, with a custom designed case that cost more than the phone it held. She keyed in her man, Dread’s, telephone number. He didn’t yet know that she had kidnapped and murdered one of his side pieces. It was the second time this year and you would think these hoes would have learned by now that he was off limits.
“Hello” Dread answered in his deep and sexy voice.
“Bae, let’s go out tonight and have some fun” Mila used her softest and most seductive voice.
“I got business to handle tonight let’s do it this weekend Babe. I will see you when I get home tonight” She was disappointed in him. She knew what his actual plans were tonight. She smirked to herself when she thought about him finding out Tessa was dearly departed.
She sucked her teeth and said “O.K.” with an attitude before she promptly hung up.
Across town Dread was calling Tessa’s phone and getting no answer. He was beginning to get worried he knew Mila was a vengeful bitch. He had been trying to figure out a way to break it off with Mila. He had realized what type of person she was, although it was good for business it was not what he wanted out of a wifey. He was going to leave her and be single for a while.
#PART3…Dread was 6’2 and 220 pound of chocolate sexiness. He had dread’s that hung down to his shoulder blades. Not the raggedy unkempt kind, but the well taken care of, fragrant type. His name was David but most people just called him Dread for obvious reasons. More handsome then you could even imagine. His full lips were complemented by the whitest smile ever. Everywhere he went he was approach by women and groupies alike. He was a well-known hustler, a local celebrity. If you ended up in his bed you were sure to have the night of your life.
Mila hoped in her ride and turned the music on blast. Music was the only thing that could quite the anger brewing in her heart. She was ungrateful, spoiled and detached from reality. The money had gone to her head and it was the only thing that she cared about besides herself. She didn’t love Dread honestly. Mila only wanted him for money, status and his mean dick game.
It didn’t matter that she was six months pregnant by Dread. She knew that she didn’t have enough love for a child. She reasoned that nannies would raise it and she would just be a face in the family pictures. Yesterday she noticed the first stretch mark on her stomach and spent the whole day angry. She grew bitter over how her body would look if after she pushed this baby out.
Dread had wanted to shop for baby clothes and supplies for his unborn baby girl. Mila only checked into the procedures she would need to get her body back to normal. Every one close to her knew that being pregnant for her was only a way for her to keep Dread in her life. Even she saw that he no longer looked at her the same. After he realized that she was an empty shell her beauty couldn’t keep him loyal. He had started to cheat on her with random women.
#PART4…Mila slid in and out of traffic on her way home to catch Dread before he left. She almost ran an elderly lady off the road and laughed hysterically as she passed and saw the look of horror on the women’s face.
Dread was still parked in the driveway making calls when she pulled in next to him.
Damn, he thought to himself, ain’t nobody got time for this drama. Next time I need to make sure a bitch got some damn sense before I wife her. He felt like she had fooled him, she wasn’t a ride or die bitch she was a fucking sociopath. This ol’ thin line between love and hate ass bitch. He couldn’t stand the fact that she was carrying his child. He felt sorry for a baby growing inside a person with a heart so rotten. He prayed to Jah every night that his child would be nothing like her.
Just the thought of him having to be tied to her for life inflamed him. He threw his car into reverse as she was walking up to his window. As soon as she was about to speak he quickly backed out of the long driveway and peeled off.
The maid was looking out of the window at the whole scene. She saw the deranged look on Mila’s face. I got to get me another job she thought to herself as she heard Mila enter and slam the door behind her.
#PART5…“Hey, this is your sister. Pick up the got dang phone. Where are you! We are so worried about you! CALL ME!” Tina slammed her phone on the table. She had not heard from her sister in five days. This was not like her at all. She could feel in the pit of her stomach that her sister was in danger. Something was wrong she had never went this long without talking to her. Tina had gone to the police and reported Tessa missing on Tuesday and it was now Friday, no one had a clue where she was.
Tina felt that it was time for her to put her ear to the street. She knew that her sister had been fucking with that nigga Dread.
Tina had told her time after time that he was a dangerous man. The word in the hood was Dreads girl Mila was one psycho bitch. Tina thought to herself if she fucked with my sister I’m coming for her ass.
Tina could barely compose herself to get ready for work. She was a Stripper a gentlemen’s club in downtown Atlanta. She would use her fat ass to get information on this Mila bitch.
#PART6…At the light she loaded the gun that she kept in her glove box and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to use it but for some reason she felt that she would have to tonight. She couldn’t go another day without finding Tessa.
She knew that Dread’s homies are always at the club, she was going to seduce the most powerful one. She was hoping that light skinned nigga Carlos was there he was Dreads right hand man and had always shown interest in her.
She stepped out of her car in the parking lot and immediately heard the catcalls of the niggas waiting in line. Tina was a classic dime piece; she was brown skinned with large brown eyes. Her shoulder length curly hair framed her face perfectly. Her waist was small and her large ass jiggled when she walked.
Tonight, Tina had a on a fitted black BCBG sweat suit that hugged her body just right. Tina scanned the crowd for a relevant face. She knew Dreads homies had VIP and they would not be in this long as line outside with the broke niggas. Entering the club through the back door she headed straight to the dressing room.
#PART7…She opened the door hoping that no one would be in there so she could get some peace. She was pissed off to see the four most hating ass hoes in there trying to cake makeup on their ugly ass faces. The main hater rolled her eyes when she saw Tina.
“What the fuck you looking at?” Tina spoke calmly.
Tina composed herself and turned them out. Tonight she would fight for her sister not herself. The group continued to talk shit until someone poked their head in the dressing room and told them that there was niggas with money in the building. They hauled ass out of the dressing room as if they were even going to be chose by a baller. Tina thought to herself I’m the type of female they are really here to see and laughed.
After Tina got dressed she looked at herself in the mirror and nodded with approval.
#PART8… She had a black La Pearla bra and panty set with thigh high fishnet stockings. Tonight she was going to keep it simple and let her body talk for itself.
She placed her hand on the door knob and took a deep breath as she turned it. The long hallway leading to the stage was dim and with each step she took she felt closer to finding her sister.
“Somebody knows something” she muttered to herself as she walked thru the red satin curtains leading to the club. As soon as she stepped her six inch Monolo Blanik into the room she began twerking like there was no tomorrow. There was a feature girl dancing on the stage but Tina was clearly stealing her shine. Soon half the room was looking at her rolling her hips and swinging her ass from side to side. She made eye contact with the men, they thought she being seductive. For Tina it was game time and she was scanning the room for anyone connected to Dread.
She strutted her way to the V.I.P. ignoring the men as they were drooling over her and asking for private dances. She stopped at the stairs of the V.I.P. area, her nerves were starting to get to her. What if Carlos didn’t show up tonight? What if her sister wasn’t really missing and she just ran off for a breather? The last thought she was able to immediately toss out the window. Tessa was very predictable and she had never kept a secret from Tina.
There is no way she would sky up and not tell me she exclaimed to herself. The bitter reality hit her with the strongest force, something is definitely wrong!
#PART9…With that thought she looked up and immediately made eye contact with non-other than Carlos. She smiled at him as thoughts of mayhem danced around her head. I will fuck Dreads whole crew up if my sister don’t fucking turn up safe. She walked seductively over to Carlos and stopped within inches of his face.
“Hey baby you are so damn fine” she whispered in his ear knowing that her voice would mesmerize him.
“No, that’s you Babe; let me see what you working with!” Carlos relied anxious to finale be this close to Tina. He never stopped to wonder why she never seemed so into him before. He felt like a Boss with her coming straight to him. He had been watching her from the moment that she walked in the room. She was the baddest female in here. It had even crossed his mind that maybe he could wife this bitch and change her life.
Tina pushed Carlos back into his seat forcefully. She turned around and started to move slowly winding her hips to the rhythm and putting her ass in his face. She looked over her shoulder and mouthed “you want to come home with me, baby?” Little did he know by the end of the night he would not be thinking about saving Tina because he would need someone to save his ass.
#PART10..Tina wrapped her arm around Carlos as he staggered out towards his cherry red Lexus. The parking lot was still thick and the cool air breezed through her hair, it was needed after leaving that hot ass place. As they were half way across the lot a black car recklessly turned into the parking lot. The car came to a screeching stop in front of Tina and Carlos. The black tinted window came down slowly. ” Oh shit, Mila! What’s up queen!” Carlos slurred.
“Get yo ass home nigga, Aye yo Dred in there?”
“Bye Nigga, I’ll take that as a yes” Mila smacked.
She speed off and Tina was on fire! Yea this bitch thinks she way up. Let shit be off with my sister. More than ever she felt the need to get this nigga back to the crib. Before they left she stopped by her locker and the dressing room and picked up her back pack AKA kidnap kit.
She thought to herself, Sis I will find you!
#PART11… Mila sat in her car outside of the club rolling a joint as she watched Tina and Carlos pull out of the parking lot.
Dam she look familiar she thought to herself, where have I seen this bitch?
She blew one as she thought about her relationship with Dred. She thought back to the first time she tried to murk Dred ass. She had made him sushi rolls for dinner. She laughed at her own joke like really that shit was poison rolls. Dred never liked her food, he knew she couldn’t cook. He had put his plate under the table and let their dog, Curtains, eat that shit. She would never forget them going to bed that night and how she had planned her reaction to his death. Bright and early she arose to Dred still breathing. WTF! Mila had ran down stairs to get a drink when she noticed the dog dead on the kitchen floor.
“Baby” Dred called.
“Oh shit, Oh shit” Mila chanted as she stuffed the dog into a trash bag and ran out the side door. Looking back she thought it was hilarious, she was too cold to even show love for a pet they had raised for years.
A tap on her window brought her back to the present.
#PART12…Carlos was being a straight thirst bucket in the car. Grabbing her thighs and kissing her neck. Tina was a professional though, he really though shit was sweet. She whipped his car thru the streets. She first thought of taking him to her crib. Fuck that she thought my carpets white.
When she pulled up to his crib she was surprised. He getting that much money? This was no house this was a mansion. There were 4 expensive ass cars parked out front.
” Who here?” she asked him.
” Nobody that’s all me” Carlo said all cocky.
“Well Damn why the hell we in a Lex, you got the Lambo out here.”
She wanted him to feel as if he had some control over the situation. She wanted him to feel like the man, it would make it easier for her to get inside that head.
He swung the double doors open and she almost got wet. Almost was the key word though because until Tessa showed up any decision she made would revolve around her. Their father had taught them to always stick together.
“Dam Tess, where you at?”
Carlos walked toward the kitchen as she asked him where his bathroom was.
She made her way to the half bath on the first level. She tried to dial Tessa again.
” The number you have reached is not in service…..”
The anger spread thru her whole body and once it reached her hands she grabbed her pistol. She let out a silent scream as tears came to her eyes………
#PART13…Dred walked his sexy ass toward Mila’s car. Dam, why the fuck she here. He went out in hopes to stop by Tessa’s house afterwards. Why she ain’t returning my phone calls. Tessa had told Dred that she was unhappy with his life style and wanted more out of life. He could respect it thought because he did too. He had started to think she was done with him. The funniest part was he could not figure out why he cared so much.
Dam I’m slipping he thought , I’m really feeling her ass. I’m having her he resolved; he would put a hood APB out for her ass if she didn’t answer her door.
Each step toward Mila’s car drained more and more of his energy. Fuck that he thought as he made a B line for his own whip.
“Hey Bae!!!”Mila yelled getting out the car.
Dam he thought, He was the master of ignoring a mother fucker. He pretended not to hear her as he pressed toward his car.
Mila unwilling to look desperate. Got back in her car, pissed!
“It’s ok babe, I’ll see you tonight. I’m ready to take the throne. You won’t see the fucking light of day!” She promised.
As Dred caught a glimpse of Mila looking like a crazy bitch, staring off into space. He thought to himself she done, she gotta get the fuck out!!
#PART14….. Tina walked out of the bathroom with the nine in her waist. In the kitchen Carlos was on a call. She started to walk slower so she could listen to his conversation.
“What… bro, sure come through, my house is yours. Mi casa su casa, nigga!”
Dam, what the hell! Tina slowly slides her piece back into her bag.
“Hey sexy, my nigga Dred need to stay the night, his female tripping.”
Dam she though, is this good news or bad news. Can I take both these niggas? Dred was definitely the one that was the best source.
Hell yea, she though, let his ass come on.
Carlos looked Tina over, dam for real she my fucking type! He watched Tina as she bent over and set her bags down.
“Can I have a tour of the place” she asked.
“Yea grab yo drink, let’s start up stairs” Carlos said looking fine as hell.
” Na, I wanna start at the bottom and move up” she said.
“Hell nah I don’t feel like going down there right now, who starts a tour in the basement.”
“Come on babe, I know there’s a wine cellar and a pool table down that bitch.” She said rubbing her breasts on his arm. She knew his team was notorious for a basement beat down, it was a long shot but shit she was desperate. The blade she had in her bra was subject to disrespect his neck if he made one fowl move.
“Ok, let’s go downstairs then”……
#PART15…As they walk down stairs Tina heart starts to beat fast look at this big ass house what are they doing taking that cash. What if this nigga Dred so caked out he flew her to a spa she thought to herself over again, hell no she would take me. Inside it was a battle.
As they walk down the steps Carlos phone began to ring again. Damn she thought to herself this n**** got the hotline bling.
“Don’t answer that,” she said hanging off his arm.
“One second, sexy, I got to, its family.”
Trying to be nosey Tina continued to hang on his shoulder as he started his conversation.
“Los! Where Dred! He wit you?”
“Nah, he not with me” he laughed, she starting to get weird he thought.
“Well, at least I know he not with that Tessa bitch, thanks for handling that for me.” Mila sang
I took everything for Tina to compose herself. Venom shot through her veins, is she dead? She wanted to scream, she want to kill Los!
She needed more info, THEY ALL WILL PAY !!!!
Los could feel Tina’s grip tighten on his shoulder. She must be ready for a nigga to lay the pipe, she all over me. She feel these muscles, man I’m that nigga!
Tessa, my sis, my everything. All three of them have less than 24 hours to live, I wanna know where her body at! Her mind was racing and her years of stripping at that moment started to come in handy. She was about to put on the performance of a lifetime.
#PART16…Boom, Boom, Boom…
“DAM, that’s my boy at the door. We will finish this tour later. Babe this will all be yours one day anyway” he said half joking half thinking maybe.
Tina forced a smile on her face, “you might be right about that” she said playfully.
Tina had met Dred before and she wondered if he would recognize her. As much as she favored Tessa she still had her own look, her own style. Tessa was the good girl out of the two, her trusting ways kept Tina getting her out of shit though.
When the door opened Dred looked at Los and this fine ass female he had standing in the shadows behind him. He could not see her face but he thought there was no way she could be ugly with a shape like that. Dred closed the front door behind him as he started to complain about Mila.
No one noticed Tina sneak over to her bag. He and Dred started talking shit to each other on the way to the kitchen.
“Put your FUCKING hands in the air!”
Los and Dred turned around to find Tina with tears streaming down her face.
“Where the FUCK is she?!!!!!”
#PART17… “Ahh shit!! What the fuck you doing, YOU KNOW WHO YOU FUCKING WITH?!!!” Los screamed!
Dred immediately recognized Tina and just like that his smart ass pieced together a fucking jigsaw puzzle in his mind. Tessa, Tina…..MILA!!!!
“Shut the tha fuck up you asshole you think I really fucking want you? I don’t want you! I’m here to find out what the fuck happened to my sister BITCH!”
“Tina, I been looking for her. I JUST LEFT HER HOUSE!” Dred breathed.
Dred looked at Carlos, “did you, did you have something to do with this nigga, who the fuck you take your orders from now? I did NOT give orders to MERK anybody! Hey where she at dog she dead, is she dead?”
Mila was ruthless, BUT DRED WAS a straight up fucking killer! He was what some niggas called a killer with a heart, a gentleman’s’, gentleman. High class ass nigga.
Carlos let out a deep breath before he spoke and thought to himself, Good thing I kept her ass alive…..
#PART18….. Five days ago…..
Tessa screamed with all her heart as the men began to open fire on her. She heard the bullets hitting the wall behind her. Her heart beat fast as her life flashed before her eyes. She was terrified of taking her last breath. The fear of knowing that it’s your time to die gripped her. She began to pray with everything in her.
She had been beaten and she was weak and a little disoriented. Before she knew it the bullets had stopped. Am I dead she asked herself. Wait I’m still here, I’m still here, she sobbed.
“Hey Bitch, hold up your head. We gonna have a little fun with you first.
She screamed and fight as they began to untie her from the chair.
“Ohhh wee look at this bitch, I been wanting this; I been watching you with Dred!”
“Get her ass in the trunk, I’m taking her home!” Los laughed.
His boys grumbled dam we want a turn.
“Na, fuck that this my shit now!” said Carlos wanna be Dred ass.
#PART19….Tessa was gagged and hog tied in the back of Carlos All black Lincoln truck. They were professionals they had tied her down so tight she could barley move. All she could do was think she regretted the day when she first met Dred. She had fell for him no doubt, besides his street life he was everything that she ever wanted. Now her love for him was turning into hate, no dick was worth this.
She thought about her sister, she didn’t know if she would ever see her again.
True she was still alive but for how long she did not know. Her stomach did flips as she felt the car slow to a halt. The Trunk opened and she looked at the four niggas standing above her. The worst part about it was she knew all of them.
They were Dred’s workers and his right hand man, Los.
Los grabbed her out of the trunk and threw her over his shoulder like a rag doll.
He smacked her on her ass and said “Welcome home!!!”
She tried to make out her location but it was so dark outside. This was her worst nightmare come true and as he carried her through those double doors she cried and though to herself,
“Will, I make it out alive?”
#PART20…She could not kick; she could only squirm as his boys helped him carry her down the Stairs. She tried to pay attention to her surroundings the house was so huge. Once they got in the basement she saw Los bend over and move the rug on the floor.
“Oh Fuck No” she tried to make out. The gag so tight on her mouth her lips felt numb.
Under the carpet was a door. As he opened the door she got a quick glimpse inside. It was a room the size of a coffin.
Her skin crawled; this room scared her more than death did. She was powerless. As they began to lower her into the small room she fainted.
“Hell yea that’s my hiding spot just in case shit pop off ya dig.” Carlos laughed.
“I knew that she would come in handy one day”
They all laughed and joked they way up the stairs, no remorse, no sympathy, no love.
****Present Day.***
Dred reached into his pocket so fast Tina had no time to react.
Before they knew it he has his gun at Los temple. See he was starting to love Tessa and he knew she didn’t deserve whatever was happening to her. But even more than that the pure disrespect Carlos showed him had his mind blew.
“You don’t touch what’s mine nigga, where the FUCK IS SHE!!

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